Experience Quality

Get the most durable elevator for your establishment

Experience Reliability

Maintain your elevator with 24/7 available partners

Experience Technology

Our elevators are built from the finest technological innovations making it one of the best in the industry

Experience Personalisation

We put the customers’ needs first

Experience Design

Our models are modern and designed to perfection


Atlantic Lifts is a leading provider of elevators and escalators. Quality is the foundation of our business and we strive to achieve market leadership through superior products and exceptional service. Our customers trust us because our output is always the result of engineered excellence along with perseverance in delivering our commitments. Some of the ways in which we ensure this are: Full transparency in processes Integrity in product commitments Hassle free and responsive approach

Atlantic Lifts India PVT LTD

Atlantic Lifts offers all types of vertical transit services including passenger lifts and freight lifts. We offer installation and maintenance of elevators and escalators and have the most technologically advanced products engineered to cater customer requirements to perfection. At Atlantic Lifts we urge you to rethink your transit systems; Is your electricity bill shooting up? Do they have hidden repair costs? Do they not fit in well with your property design? If the answer is yes, contact us.